Customize Bash Prompt with colours in Ubuntu

There are lot of people that simply like to customize the appearence of the terminal, is my case. When you use a terminal during a lot of time, it usually helps to have a prompt more visible than the default one.


First of all, you should make a backup of the configuration file in order to fall back in case it is necessary. The file is at the user $HOME, so first step is to go the directory.

cd ~
cp -p .bashrc .bashrc-backup

Adding the new configuration in .bashrc file

Now, is the moment to edit the file .bashrc and add the new configuration to have the customized prompt.

I am used to use the vi editor to modify the configuration.

vi .bashrc

Once open the file, you should go to the end of the file. The way to do it in vi is using the key combination “Shift+G”. Once the cursor is positioned at the end, start edit mode in vi using the “o” key. Add next configuration at the end of the file.

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