How to resolve LAN hostnames with Ubuntu

By default, Ubuntu desktop installation will provide DNS resolving configured, however in Ubuntu server installation avahi-daemon (or mdnsresponder) is needed to be installed to provide local LAN DNS resolution.

In my case, i found the error “Temporary failure in name resolution” when I tried to resolve a machine of my LAN from Ubuntu.

yvoictra@zoar:~$ ping erie.local
ping: erie.local: Temporary failure in name resolution

To solve this issue, there is no need to install a DNS server in the LAN. We can use the mDNS (Multicast Domain Name System) protocol. This protocol is used to resolve host names in a small network (LAN). The mDNS service can be contacted using UDP queries over port 5353. The mDNS protocol is published as RFC6762 and implemented by the Apple Bonjour and avahi-daemon services.

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