There are several models of Raspberry Pi, with different types of CPU, RAM and hardware in general. In order to know which version do you have, there are different options.

CPUinfo file

Each Raspberry Pi model could have several revision codes. You can know your Raspberry Pi’s revision code using this command:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

The last lines show the Hardware type, the revision code, the Serial Number and in the newer ones, the Model. For Example:

Hardware        : BCM2835
Revision        : d03114
Serial          : 10000000c7302177
Model           : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4

With the revision code, you could check your model using this table1:

900021A+1.1BCM2835512MBSony UK
900032B+1.2BCM2835512MBSony UK
900092Zero1.2BCM2835512MBSony UK
900093Zero1.3BCM2835512MBSony UK
9000c1Zero W1.1BCM2835512MBSony UK
9020e03A+1.0BCM2837B0512MBSony UK
900061CM1.1BCM2835512MBSony UK
a010402B1.0BCM28361GBSony UK
a010412B1.1BCM28361GBSony UK
a020823B1.2BCM2837A0/B01GBSony UK
a020a0CM31.0BCM28371GBSony UK
a020d33B+1.3BCM2837B01GBSony UK
a020422B1.2BCM28371GBSony UK
a320823B1.2BCM2837A0/B01GBSony Japan
a02100CM3+1.0BCM2837B01GBSony UK
a031114B1.1BCM27111GBSony UK
b031114B1.1BCM27112GBSony UK
b031124B1.2BCM27112GBSony UK
b031144B1.4BCM27112GBSony UK
c031114B1.1BCM27114GBSony UK
c031124B1.2BCM27114GBSony UK
c031144B1.4BCM27114GBSony UK
d031144B1.4BCM27118GBSony UK
c03130Pi 4001.0BCM27114GBSony UK

Device Tree

As an alternative, you could find the model name checking the model file.

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model ; echo

This will output the model information. For example:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4

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